Output Style Instructions


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Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas:





If the author is up to three authors, all should be included, following the same directions and separated by semicolons. If more than three authors, put the first and et. al.


Journal Samples:


SILVA, SAPS Qualitative research in Physical Education. Revista Paulista de

Physical Education, São Paulo, v.10, n.1, p. 87-98, Jan. / July 1996.


YASSERLI, MAN Utility of Traditional and Alternative Measures of EMG-based fatigue

During low-moderate level isometric efforts. Journal of Electromyography and

Kinesiology, Amsterdam, v. 18, n.1, p. 44-53, feb./2008.


Book Samples:


Bompa, TO Periodization: theory and methodology of training. 4. ed. New York: Phorte Press, 2004.


Ludorf, SMA Research methodology: the thesis project. Rio de Janeiro: Shape, 2004.

Book chapter Sample:

FERNANDES, F. The folklore of a city in change. In: OLIVEIRA, PS (Ed.)

Methodology of the humanities. New York: Hucitec, 1998


Dissertation, thesis or term paper of course Sample:


OLIVEIRA FILHO, CW The change in visual acuity during physical exertion in athletes with low vision. 2002. 98f. Thesis (MA) - College of Education Physics, UNICAMP, Campinas, 2002.

Web Page Sample:

Santarém, JM Update on resistance exercise: cardiovascular adjustments. Available at: <http://www.fisiculturismo.com.br/index.artigo.php>. Accessed: 06 September